The last two years have been strange to say the least… galleries, art shows and a myriad of avenues selling creative expressions have been silent and dark. The only options to see artists’ work has been online galleries, albeit from every corner of the world. 

But wrapped up in the silence was a gift… a gift of time. Presenting a unique opportunity to explore, without pressure, without deadlines, without fear of failure, simply because nobody was watching.
Nobody was paying attention.
My understanding of how valuable these two years have been was when I realized the journey my new work had taken… combining what I saw, with what I imagined. 

From my window, I discovered the sky, where transformation is the theme, and impossible variations the only constant. This visual
re-evaluation resulted in the inclusion of representational imagery. I would have normally continued placing all works under
an ‘Untitled’ banner, but the final results seemed different enough from previous endeavours.
They deserved to be known under a new title. 

Welcome to a world of Abscapes.